Great choice of Indian takeaway dishes:

Our menu includes a selection of carefully chosen starters, mains, desserts and sides. Each item has been chosen for its authentic flavours and engaging taste. Cooked with passion by our in-house catering team, the dishes are made from fresh ingredients and carefully seasoned. Our chefs have years of experience in cooking Asian food, using recipes which have been handed down through generations, then skilfully recreated for your enjoyment. Fresh spices and herbs are used for our takeaway food, ensuring you benefit from an authentic, true flavour that you just can't get from pre-prepared or packaged choices.

From the moment you enter our store, we aim to create a complete shopping experience that combines best-in-class quality products, customer service and store experience.We are looking to deliver an unique shopping experience by putting you first, so experience the difference when you visit our store today.We believe in putting quality first above all else. Well trained, friendly store staff are always close at hand to assist you, wider store aisles enable easier movement throughout the store. Cold storage units and fresh fruits and vegetables are placed near the store entrance which allows easy access. Food Safety is not just the responsibility of technically skilled personnel, but it is an organization-wide effort. We ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained across manufacturing, storage, distribution and sales of food products.

स्वागतम Yōkoso

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