Work Booth-Orana Centre

Work Booth-Orana Centre

As a longstanding customer, the Orana Center has entrusted us with their offices, further solidifying our partnership based on trust and excellence. This project included the installation of a work booth, reception counter, sit-stand desks, storage cupboards, meeting tables, and lounges inside the meeting pod/work booth.

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Work Booth
The work booth is a soundproof, sleekly designed space that promotes privacy and focus. It includes lounges for relaxed discussions and a meeting table for private meetings, ensuring versatility and productivity.

Reception Counter
The reception counter is crafted with high-quality materials, offering a welcoming and professional appearance. It provides ample space for administrative tasks and serves as a focal point for the center’s entrance.

Workstations with Studio 50 Panels and Softwiring
The workstations are equipped with Studio 50 panels, offering excellent acoustics and customizable configurations. Softwiring ensures seamless connectivity and power management, resulting in a clean and organized workspace.

Sit-Stand Desks
Sit-stand desks promote a healthier work environment by allowing employees to alternate between sitting and standing positions. These desks are easy to use and ensure maximum comfort and flexibility.

Storage Cupboards
Storage cupboards offer ample space for documents and supplies, integrating seamlessly with the office decor while ensuring durability and organization.

Meeting Table and Lounges Inside the Meeting Pod/Work Booth
The meeting pod includes a meeting table and lounges, providing a versatile space for both formal and informal interactions, enhancing the functionality of the work booth.

Our collaboration with the Orana Center highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality, customized furniture solutions. We look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting their future projects with excellence and dedication.