School Staff Study and Breakout Area

School Staff Study and Breakout Area

The recent furniture fitout for the school staff study and breakout area aimed to create a functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environment. This project involved the careful selection of high-quality furniture and thoughtful space planning to enhance productivity, collaboration, and relaxation for the staff.

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Products Used

  1. Agile Workstation :
    The Agile Workstation,features a back-to-back configuration with the Studio 50 screen. This setup provides an efficient and flexible workspace, allowing staff members to work collaboratively while maintaining individual privacy and focus.
  2. 4-Drawer Mobile Pedestal:
    To complement the Agile Workstations, 4-drawer mobile pedestals were integrated. These pedestals offer ample storage for personal and office items, ensuring a clutter-free work environment. Their mobility allows for easy reconfiguration of the workspace as needed.
  3. Hanging Screen Shelves:
    Hanging screen shelves were installed to maximize vertical storage space. These shelves are perfect for storing books, office supplies, and decorative items, contributing to an organized and visually appealing workspace.
  4. Desktop Power Modules (Softwiring):
    To address the power needs of modern work environments, desktop power modules with softwiring were included. These modules provide convenient access to power outlets and USB ports, facilitating the use of electronic devices and ensuring that the staff can stay connected and productive.
  5. Expo Chair from Style:
    The Expo chair, featuring a medium back mesh design, was chosen for its ergonomic support and contemporary look. The black mesh material ensures breathability and comfort, making it an ideal choice for long hours of use.
  6. ACTI Bar Stool Fully Upholstered:
    For the breakout area, ACTI bar stools were selected. These fully upholstered stools offer both style and comfort, providing a relaxed seating option for informal meetings and casual interactions among staff.
  7. Acoustic Paneling:
    Acoustic paneling was installed to improve sound quality and reduce noise levels in the study and breakout areas. These panels help create a quieter, more focused environment, enhancing overall productivity and well-being.
  8. Custom Lounges with Colors:
    Custom lounges were designed to add a touch of personalization and vibrancy to the breakout area. Available in a range of colors, these lounges provide comfortable seating options for relaxation and informal gatherings.
  9. Eternity Lunch Tables:
    Eternity lunch tables were included to facilitate communal dining and socializing. These tables are durable and stylish, perfect for daily use and easy to maintain.
  10. ACTI Chairs:
    To accompany the lunch tables, ACTI chairs were chosen for their versatility and comfort. These chairs are lightweight, stackable, and easy to move, making them ideal for a dynamic and adaptable breakout area.
  11. Custom Upholstered Tub Chairs:
    For additional seating, custom upholstered tub chairs were added. These chairs offer a cozy and inviting seating option, perfect for reading, informal meetings, or simply taking a break.

The furniture fitout for the school staff study and breakout area successfully combines functionality, comfort, and style. By selecting high-quality products and thoughtful design elements, the new space supports the diverse needs of the staff, promoting productivity, collaboration, and well-being. This enhanced environment not only serves as an efficient workspace but also as a welcoming and vibrant area for relaxation and social interaction.