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Keeps cables easily managed and neatly stores away, Designed to fit 2 to 3 cables and by using applicator will zip up to keep cables in order
? Features flexible, reusable, spiral design, polyethylene material. It can easily be cut off to the length you need
? This spiral wire wrap can protect cables from possible damages
? Helps eliminate accidents that can be caused by loose cords and provides a neat appearance for any entertainment system or office setting
? Easy installation, no other tools needed
? With a single zip-like action of the supplied tool, all the cables can be tidied in seconds and neatly bundled together
? Great for harnessing multiple cables into a single manageable bundle. Put all messy wires easily and neatly into one cord. Ideal for bundling cables behind your PC, TV, home cinema system or your desk, for wiring, looms etc.
? It’s flexible and soft plastic can easily be cut to a length of your choosing