? Seachange screens come in modules which can be joined together in straights and curves with plantation grown timber joiners. They provide non-structural acoustic and visual barriers and can be quickly moved to allow a quick change of office space, suited to today’s dynamic work environment
? Our 100% PET screens are made of fully recycled PET which has been remelted, turned into a spun microfilament and then pressed and moulded into elegant functional floor mounted screens
? An extraordinary and completely new concept to screen workstations. The concave and convex design makes them ideal to create good sound absorption, noise reduction and diffusion
? 100% Recycled from plastic bottles
? Easy to install
? Acoustic and Pinnable panels
? 9mm thickness
? Charcoal outside, Light grey inside
? Variety of sizes available
? Water, Bacteria and fungi resistant
? Fire retardant
? Impact resistant

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Curved, Straight


206 X 206 X 1160MM, 450 X 1160MM, 500 X 1160MM, 560 X 1400MM, 960 X 1400MM

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